Art is all around us (continued)

Art is all around us (continued)

Another project was “Pastoral” which was a more simple project we worked on the ‘open house’ days, mainly to show new students that there is an art department here in our university. There are some big 8×8 panels covering a construction site near the cafeteria. Each of us picked a panel and painted spontaneously on it. Here is the result of my panel.


Art is all around us.

As an art student from the University of Sacred Heart, I participate in the several art project that have been, and will be, done around campus. The latest art project was named “Colindancia” from the word “colindar” which means “to link, to join or to unite”. In this project we each where asigned a space and we summited a sketch. and took the spring break to paint it.
We’ve been trying to let ourselves be known out there. Some people dont even know that theres an art department in this university. We are small, but we can be loud. Here is a video that will show the process of it all.

First post!

Hello everyone! I’m Monica, but I go by the nickname of Momo. I’m an 4th year art student and I’m also the assistant of a couple of art professors. I love, not only creating art, but also teaching art. It’s my main passion and what i look forward to everyday. When I’m not teaching, assisting, drawing, painting or procrastinating, I’m probably singing. My dream is to have my own little art studio and produce art to sell. But I would also love to be an art professor at an university. I’m aiming to do my master in painting where ever in the world life takes me.

This blog is about art. History, techniques, styles, artist, everything new and old. I love when people from other areas, like engineering, biology, any other area, tell me they love to draw, or paint, but I dislike when they say they would like to, but they can’t. As Vincent Van Gogh said once “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’; then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” I will try to post videos and tutorials as well as other articles about this topic. And If someone request something and I will try to provide you with that information. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful!