Small talk, big talk, little talk…

So lately I’ve been finding these very artistic videos. I’m not talking about video art, thats another thing on its own. I’m talking about songs, whom’s music videos are quite intresting. To give you an example, the song “Little talks” by Of Monsters and Men, is a song that perhaps you have heard on the radio various times already. But have you ever seen the video? Its perky rythm and catchy lyrics only get better by an awesome music video. The music video shows a great style and captivating colors that are a spectacle for the viewer. So go ahead, if you havent seen it click it! And if you HAVE seen it click it again!



En el trascurso de la clase de inf103 he desarrollado conceptos previos y he aprendido conceptos nuevos. La clase es muy dinámica e interactiva. Veo que llevo 5to -6to lugar (por ahora) en los tweets y creo que voy bien en el blog. Quiero seguir posteando mas en el blog para desarrollar eso mejor.  Como antes explicado, mi blog consiste en arte. Cualquier articulo, artista, o tipo de arte. Incluyo arte propia,artistas locales e internacionales y otras cosas curiosas del mundo del arte.

El listado de asignaciones hechas hasta el día de hoy: 

-Mi primer post del blog:

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– Resumen del 3 de agosto:

– Imagen buscada de creative commons:

– tarea de delicious (online bookmark):

– Tarea de la historia de la informática (vídeo):

-powerpoint hecho en clase:

– Facebook vs. Google quien domina el mundo?:

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Ademas de estos tengo muchos otros post sobre temas del arte. 

Franco is frankly awesome..

Recently graduated, Franco Frontera, is a young artist from Puerto Rico, whom I have the honor of knowing personally. He’s a very VERY.. and I mean VERY quiet guy but his work is far from quiet. He makes thin and clean lines with a minimalist yet very expressive style to create his intriguing figures. Usually just using black, brown and some tones of orange  his limited palet is far from boring. I’ve always admire his work and style, and simplicity (quite the opposite of myself). Here’s his tumblr page!  Check him out! He’s bearly starting and already he’s worth of following. 

Picture by: José R. Vázquez (all rights reserved) 


Is this cool or what!?

Jason Limon is a young artist from Texas who’s art is a perfect balance of cute and dark. His gloomy artwork with very intriguing expressions just make me fall more and more in love with his style. This is his facebook page: check out the video down below to see his paintings and illustrations but see the facebook link to see his sculptures!

My blog summary

Hello again viewers! As part of my class today’s assignment is to make a quick summary of my blog. What have I done? Well, so far I have 26 entries (27 with this one) most of them being about art. My blog is about art in general, to share art, artist, history of art, etc. So far I’ve posted about my favorite artists, some articles of the art world, videos of techniques with watercolor, some of my own stuff, and the assignments of the class. Also I already did my daily class summary, one of the first summaries.I will keep posting more art related entries  and I invite you, my dear viewer, to leave any request on the comments of anything you would like me to post or start posting. Thanks for viewing! 😀 


Here’s a picture of me working on a self portrait 😀 and then the final result! 



Lets mix it up a bit

Here’sa fun way to mix things up. Practice realism with a twist.. or a splash! ;D (I’ll be here all week)
This video tutorial will show how to use the splash and drip technique to give a cool style to your art. Mix media technique includes watercolor, ink, markers and pen