Ser estudiante

La pregunta del día. Que es ser estudiante en general. Para mi ser estudiante, en una palabra, es responsabilidad. Como estudiante universitario uno se tiene que hacer cargo de todo lo suyo. Muchos trabajamos y estudiamos, nos tenemos que hacer cargo de un hogar, ya sea como adultos independientes o dependientes. Tenemos cuentas que pagar, aunque sea solo la del celular, y tratamos de ayudar a nuestros padres. Le pregunte a un amigo que significaba para el ser estudiante y me contesto con una sola palabra, “sobrevivir”. Esta palabra es perfecta. Es una batalla constante ser estudiante. Tenemos que sobrevivir, las clases, exámenes, notas, proyectos, finales y cualquier otra circunstancia que se nos aparezca. Aquí dejo un pequeño powerpoint de que es ser estudiante hoy día. En pocas palabras y muy simple, creo que me van a entender. 

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From ink to byte.

The las printed issue of Newsweek magazine was something pretty big among the media. Perhaps because it was a famous magazine and now it was only gonna be available online. I think it was because this magazine was 80 years old. How is this gonna affect things? We now live in a digital era, people see the news online, read books on a digital device, watch movies on their phones, and call people on their computer. Perhaps for some people it was shocking, cuz some people, like me, rather have their reading material on a piece of paper. But having things online and not paper is actually a good thing. We kill less trees by making less publications. Sides, magazines and newspapers dont make their money out of what they sell, they make it from the advertisement. You can advertise online just as easy. What problem does this have? Well there is one problem, perhaps two. People who cannot work with computers will be fired because they no longer need their services. And what about the people who where loyal to the magazie but dont have any computer or internet access to view it now? well… I guess they’ll have to manage. This new change from analog to digital will affect some people, and will benefit others. It wont be a 100% good change but changes will happen and theres no stoping it. Heres a video of the topic, short, sweet and straight to the point. enjoy!

Programing a Panda!

Today in class we where learning about programing. The profesor showed us this cool yet frustrating tutorial called “Blocky” where you have to make the figure move to its destination by programing it. My friends and I chose  a Panda as our charracter ( that was fun!) but making him move correctly was so stressful ( but still fun!) I GOT TO LEVEL 9!!!! So close… yet so far…. Only 2 more levels to go. But Ill make it one day!!! Image

Ania Tomicka

Ania Tomicka is a contemporary artist from the pop surrealism movement. She was born in Poland but is now living in Italy. She has develop different techniques for her paintings and has a unique way of doing her figures. I find her art quite intriguing. The anatomy of her main figures has a repetetive patern yet all of them are completly unique. Here’s her facebook page , and her official page and enjoy 🙂 



oil on canvas, 30x40cm         All rights reserved by: Ania Tomicka

Small talk, big talk, little talk…

So lately I’ve been finding these very artistic videos. I’m not talking about video art, thats another thing on its own. I’m talking about songs, whom’s music videos are quite intresting. To give you an example, the song “Little talks” by Of Monsters and Men, is a song that perhaps you have heard on the radio various times already. But have you ever seen the video? Its perky rythm and catchy lyrics only get better by an awesome music video. The music video shows a great style and captivating colors that are a spectacle for the viewer. So go ahead, if you havent seen it click it! And if you HAVE seen it click it again!


En el trascurso de la clase de inf103 he desarrollado conceptos previos y he aprendido conceptos nuevos. La clase es muy dinámica e interactiva. Veo que llevo 5to -6to lugar (por ahora) en los tweets y creo que voy bien en el blog. Quiero seguir posteando mas en el blog para desarrollar eso mejor.  Como antes explicado, mi blog consiste en arte. Cualquier articulo, artista, o tipo de arte. Incluyo arte propia,artistas locales e internacionales y otras cosas curiosas del mundo del arte.

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