What can be better?!

As an art student, artist in process, and chocolate lover, I found this to be the greatest thing ever. Art supplies… that you can eat…

So you really can’t paint with them, or paint and then eat your work, but this cute little chocolates are shaped like paint tubes and have a center of different flavors that correspond to the color. A perfect gift perhaps? Or just a treat for yourself. I’m not advertising (sortah) but This is something different, fun and special. 



Photo by Ayao Yamazaki



Ania Tomicka

Ania Tomicka is a contemporary artist from the pop surrealism movement. She was born in Poland but is now living in Italy. She has develop different techniques for her paintings and has a unique way of doing her figures. I find her art quite intriguing. The anatomy of her main figures has a repetetive patern yet all of them are completly unique. Here’s her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Ania.Tomicka.Art , and her official page http://www.aniatomicka.com/ and enjoy 🙂 



oil on canvas, 30x40cm         All rights reserved by: Ania Tomicka

Franco is frankly awesome..

Recently graduated, Franco Frontera, is a young artist from Puerto Rico, whom I have the honor of knowing personally. He’s a very VERY.. and I mean VERY quiet guy but his work is far from quiet. He makes thin and clean lines with a minimalist yet very expressive style to create his intriguing figures. Usually just using black, brown and some tones of orange  his limited palet is far from boring. I’ve always admire his work and style, and simplicity (quite the opposite of myself). Here’s his tumblr page!   http://francofrontera.tumblr.com/  Check him out! He’s bearly starting and already he’s worth of following. 

Picture by: José R. Vázquez (all rights reserved) 


Is this cool or what!?

Jason Limon is a young artist from Texas who’s art is a perfect balance of cute and dark. His gloomy artwork with very intriguing expressions just make me fall more and more in love with his style. This is his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/limon.art check out the video down below to see his paintings and illustrations but see the facebook link to see his sculptures!

Los Muros Hablan ( The walls speak)

Los Muros Hablan is a local activity where international and local artist are invited to create paintings on the walls of buildings in the areas of Santurce and Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Artist like Sofia Maldonado, Ovbal y Sego, among others create unique works of art throughout the area, giving the city light and joy. I love walking around santurce and just finding new works, small scale or huge scale, some are done in 20+ floor buildings. Going mural hunting with friends is a great way to spend a day and you find great new works every time you pass again. Check some of  them our yourself! http://blog.vandalog.com/tag/los-muros-hablan/

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3D Scan Yourself!

3D Scan Yourself!

This is just cool! 3D scan yourself and turn youself into a small figurine! Other than that you can print pretty much anything you want. 😀 How cool can that be? Well if youre from the UK you can do it! If you’re not, then tough luck :/ 
This is a great posibility for artists everywhere! I myself would like to one day use a 3D scanner for my art. 

some rights reserved by  osde8info

Lets learn how to draw! (how bout we start with the eye?)

So many people have said to me “wow Momo, I like how you draw the eyes they look so real!” And obviously thats very good to hear. Well I gotta say I sadly wasnt born with the ability to draw, i learn by taking classes and finding other resources ( Like videos and books) that have helped me IMMENSELY in my drawing skills. Here is the video that helped me to learn how to draw eyes. This is by an artist Mark Crilley and he has many other videos. Dont expect your eye to look perfect the first time BUT you will hear great tips on whats you need to OBSERVE when you’re drawing an eye. Hope this helps!