Lets see what I like (part 3)

Well favorite book.. hmmm… what’s my favorite book… I’m more of a person that reads art books, of techniques and history. I have books by Betty Edwards, like, Drawing on the right side of the brain and How to master color, and various books of artist. But I guess that a book that I love to read is my Edgar Allan Poe compilation of every story and poem. I love his poems and I love his stories, I love “The mask of the Red Death”, “The Cast of Amontillado” and poems like “The city in the sea”, “Dream-Land” and “Lenore”. The way he creates this eerie mystery and sometimes you have to read a story 3 times to understand a meaning, is one of the things I love the most about his work. And I will love for years to come. 


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Lets see what I like (part 2)

The professor asked us to post our favorite video. OUR FAVORITE VIDEO?!?! That’s like asking me to pick just one thing to do for the rest of my life. But anyways, here’s a video that seems like someone was bored and didn’t know what to do with his life. And who knows maybe he was, but this simple handmade animations is a great example of simple things that can cause great impact. Don Hertzfeldt, made a morbidly, gruesome, incoherent, stupidly amazing animation, called Rejected, that WON an award for best short film. “An animator’s commissioned works, rejected because of their increasingly absurd and violent tone (reflecting the animator’s own progressive breakdown), eventually find their entire animated world collapsing in upon itself.”-Jon Reeves

Lets see what I like (part1)

The professor asked us to share 3 things
-Our Favorite Ted Talk
-Our Favorite Video
-Our Favorite Book
Here’s my favorite Ted Talk. I might be repeating one that I already posted, but there’s a reason I like it. It shows what I like, art, and finding ways to do things with it. She summarized everything into some doodles and that way people can visualize and remember. She also talked about how this is a good technique for learning.