Ted Ex @ USC

The last month we had an activity of Ted Ex in our own college. Sadly I could not assist due to work. We were told to pick a chat or a video and write about it. Naturally, as a female art student, I chose the last video, the wrap-up. The wrap-up was by Giulia Forsythe and she was present during all the chats and she dedicated her time there to doing drawings on her tablet of what the other speakers where saying. She then gave a brief talk and showed this as a way of summarizing everything. By taking “visual notes” she managed to pack all the conferences into one slide show. It’s funny because I usually do little doodles in class to remember thing, many people do this, and visual images are one of the best ways to learn. I can’t write about everything she said because she spoke about each and every chat. But here’s the video check it out and enjoy!


My blog summary

Hello again viewers! As part of my class today’s assignment is to make a quick summary of my blog. What have I done? Well, so far I have 26 entries (27 with this one) most of them being about art. My blog is about art in general, to share art, artist, history of art, etc. So far I’ve posted about my favorite artists, some articles of the art world, videos of techniques with watercolor, some of my own stuff, and the assignments of the class. Also I already did my daily class summary, one of the first summaries.I will keep posting more art related entries  and I invite you, my dear viewer, to leave any request on the comments of anything you would like me to post or start posting. Thanks for viewing! 😀 


Here’s a picture of me working on a self portrait 😀 and then the final result!