Flapper PowerPoint

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Sharing my  powerpoint with the rest of the world. (Not sure how to feel about that…) But here we go!
Here’s the direct link http://www.slideshare.net/MomoRosario/flappers-26668653


Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia

Today I would like to talk about my favorite contemporary artist, Charmaine Olivia. Why is she my favorite? She brings the female figure to a place of darkness and wonderland sometimes clashing sometimes one or the other.She has evolved her style and STILL I can’t stop admiring her and having her as an Idol. She is also gorgeous beyond believe! Here is her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CharmaineOliviaArt dont take it from me! Look at her art and awe in wonder. 

Historia de la informática.

En las pasadas clases hemos estado viendo vídeos de la historia de la computadora ( desde el ábaco), y de la historia de internet. Una de las cosas que mas me impacto fue que una delas primeras computadoras, !no conllevaba el uso de la electricidad! Increíble lo que el ser humano puede hacer. Otra cosa que me llamo la atención es Ada Lovelace, saber que uno de los primeros programadores fue una mujer simplemente me hace feliz. Es sencillo, comenzó como un concepto, un ábaco, unos sistemas, energía, megas, memoria, nano memoria, evolución pura. Tenemos computadoras del grande de una casa, pasamos a computadoras del grande de nuestras manos. Lo que me sorprende no es como se formo, lo que me sorprende es lo RÁPIDO que se formo, lo rápido que evoluciono. Excelente video, debo decir. Con respecto al internet, es algo que por mas que me expliquen sigue siendo magia para mi. Como la información se destruye y se arma, como viaja de un lado del mundo a otro, !EN CUESTIÓN DE SEGUNDOS! Eso es magia, y aunque se como trabaja, para mi seguirá siendo magia. 

Creative Common Image. Looking For Vladimir Kush

We’re here working on how to legally post pictures. We’re at the creative common website looking for images that might interest us for our blog. I’ve decided to look for the work of Vladimir Kush, my favorite surrealist artist. His work is not only beautiful, but he has a way of telling a whole story with each painting.

Metamorphosis – Vladimir Kush AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by sagitaire1721

Prisoners in the fashion world.

Prisoners in the fashion world.

Remember when I said ANYONE can do art? Well I ment it… These brazilian prisoners where taught how to knit by a fashion designer. Kinda cute if you ask me! They do this in exchange for food or year reductions. And they seem very happy doing it! It gives them skills they didnt know they had. Designing and kniting are part of the art world. Kniting can e taken to an artistic form rather than just craft. Click the link and enjoy!